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trustTrust me so many things happened in this prison called badagry prison. In the pictures you will see the list of the drugs needed urgently in the prison, cash or donating the drugs will be highly appreciated. You could d see that the only vehicle that is used to convey inmates to court is damaged and as a result of that, long awaiting trial is taking place because they cannot afford to pay for the logistics to take them to court.

Thank you my sponsors, here is what we gave them because of your support. Words will fail if I say let me explain how much I love you all my sponsors and praying for you for understanding the need to use your money to save lives. I couldn’t go to church his morning because I’ve not recovered from the shock and the pain I saw my people going through in the prisons especially in that badagry while millionaires are sitting down in church.

Can we obey God for ones and help them please? We need land for building rehabilitation centres and vehicles for logistics for this great outreach of our Father. Can you help if you have any land you’ve kept idle for over a year, give to us let’s build homes for the innocent ones coming out from the prison and use the place to give them skill acquisition in order to enable them reintegrate back into the society and be part of the growth of this Nation. Please help us now. Share this message please. Any state where the land is, give to us please. We need it for the homes for the poor and forgotten ex-convicts.
Evangelist Christian Chukwuka
CEO Abounding Grace Foundation +2348093028558
Date of the visitation, 20/02/2016

Author: CED

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