The circumstances surrounding the events that happened on the 1st of Dec 2015 are entirely of my making

Going to Kaoma I decided not to fill my tank to the max assuming I would fill up for the return trip on my way back ( my conscience was clearly against this). Bad idea, the sole filling station there is mostly out of stock so plan ‘B’, we filled 15 lts from the fuel vendor at K15 per litre 51% more than the pump price. We made good speed for 60 km then I noticed I began to lose power. Entering Kafue National Park, I could manage a maximum of 80 kph, something was wrong. Midway in the park, maximum speed was 30 km/h with 1,500 RPM max. I had to do something, I stopped. Hooked up my fuel pressure gauge, fuel pressure was at 1.8 bar instead of 3.8. I accessed the fuel pump, it was burning hot, I mean hot. Checked the fuel quality, I had been sold adulterated fuel which had fried my fuel pump. Plan ‘B’, no plan. Had to sit and wait 2 hrs for the pump and fuel to cool down ( in the middle of the park).

Started off with significantly more power after cooling off the pump but low fuel pressure has a down side, increased fuel consumption almost double and an overheating engine. I was 65 km from Nalusanga barrier, I literally ran out of fuel 15 km before the barrier. I prayed a prayer of extreme faith, God intervened, not only did I get to the barrier on ‘E’ with the light flashing but made better speed (from 30 km/h to about 55 km/h) and reached the barrier where I got 100% pure petrol. Managed to get home around 21 hrs but that’s not the end of the story. In the morning I discovered a flat tyre, (oh how I hate flats) failed to get the tyre off as it had never been removed in 4 years so drove (on the flat) to a tyre service centre and had a 5mm hexagon key, one of my own, removed and plugged the hole. So I drove 850 km through 220 km of National park (at night when going to Kaoma) with a 5mm diameter 200mm long tool in my tyre? What a mighty God I serve, I’m deeply humbled by His grace and I know my circumstances are different to everyone but one thing is for sure, Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ. He never fails!

Author: CED

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