What should we do with SSS 36 – Nov 15?

OK, SoCal. Need some help with a decision here. November 15th is an SSS date, which we’d planned to have at Cal Poly Pomona (like SSS 31). With the announcement of the iBuyPower event on the same date, I’m left in a really difficult spot. I want to support a new sponsor coming into the Smash scene, but I’ve finally got the Cal Poly venue deal to a place I like, and I know some of the players near that venue especially were looking forward to it. Here are the options, with pros and cons:

1) Cancel the Nov 15 and Nov 29 SSS’s, and do one on the 22nd.
–>Pros: No conflict with the iBuyPower event
–>Cons: a) I’d have to work with both venues last minute to see if they even have that date available. b) One less SSS c) I’d have to cancel on Cal Poly, which would risk our relationship with them. d) Champ‘s Smash 4 event is on the 21st.

2) Make the Nov 15th event an Arcadian
–>Pros: Top talent could still go to the iBuyPower event.
–>Cons: a) Though the iBuyPower event would get the top talent, we’d get the rest, souring their turnout expectations. b) That would be back-to-back Arcadians between Mayhem and this. There was also a JJ’s Arcadian recently. Arcadians are meant to be infrequent; not more common than regular tournaments c) 2nd tier of players (Kira and down on the PR) who are usually out of the money are screwed. They can’t play in the Arcadian, and they can’t win money at a small, but lucrative iBuyPower event.

3) Keep SSS the same. Just run a regular SSS.
–>Pros: What we planned to do. Keep to our commitments with the venue, and the local players.
–>Cons: a) Who knows how turnout shapes up for that event. The top players will likely go where the money is, but what about everyone else? b) Both events will inevitably be smaller as a result. c) We try to keep winning an SSS as prestigious. Someone like HugS could win his first SSS here, but if the rest of the top players are at iBuyPower, would he feel good about it?

Smash 4 players please weigh in too. I generally don’t do polls, but I’m at a loss here. Not sure what to do. Especially want feedback from Hugo, Joey,Chet, Will, Daniel, McCain, David Kim, Connor Nguyen, etc; top players who’d be directly affected by some of the changes.

FB doesn’t allow polls in groups anymore, so I’ll just leave it as a strawpoll:

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